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Episode 3 – VaultBank Transcript

Chris Cummock:               When you have a complicated product offering like ourselves, it will bring light to a slightly murky ICO market. We think that we’re bringing a really ready to launch … this is platform. Our managers or the portfolio, which will paying a dividend, have over a hundred years of portfolio management. We bring […]

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Episode 2 – Jason Brett of Consensys Transcript

Jason Brett:                        Listen, blockchain’s not a panacea. It’s not going to stop the next financial crisis. There’s probably going to be another financial crisis that you and I have to live through in the next five or ten years. I would just prefer that […]

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Episode 1 – Sharpe Capital Transcript

James Butler:                    There’s always going to be circumstances when markets behave in an irrational way. And, to really solve that, you need to find an explanation for why it’s behaving that way and often the human mind and sentiment is still sometimes more powerful than a computers. Doug Bridges:                    You’re listening to the Blockcast Show where […]

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